Reference solutions

TELMA : Smart Irrigation System. (Agriculture)

System intelligently facilitates and automates your irrigation. Planned irrigation Remote irrigation data collection and backup. Real-time diagnostics and alerts management and supervision in real time.

S.C.M: Smart Condition Monitoring

Monitoring system for environment conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity,etc Remote and local real-time diagnostics and alerts. This sytem is extensible and standardized to be integrated in several fields ; storage of medicines, food, transport of food ...


SESIT is a design office combining both software and hardware development and the design of electronic technological solutions that can be integrated into several sectors.

Our asset of highly qualified developers engineers to meet customers requirements and specifications.

Our Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people "Steve Jobs"



-Assists developers as needs and when help is required
-Ensures application is technically ready before going ahead with the deployment
-Leads hardware part and integration throughout the applications
-Coordinates with software part and hardware part
-Cheks the compliance of customer technical requirement
-Consults users and studies the flow of systems




- Conducts market research to find answers on consumers requirements, needs and trends
- Helps the team to make good marketing decisions
- Communicates and coordinates meetings




-Oversees installation, upgrades, setup, and configuration
-Troubleshoots and resolves customer queries and problems
-Develops embedded solutions by studying information needs
-Develops test and testing environments for designed systems




-Develops applications that effectively accomplish client objectives and user needs
-Designs and writes code for applications
-Installs applications and confirms proper communication between equipment and management systems
-Integrates data from various back-end services and databases
-Creates website layout and user interfaces

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